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Welcome to ecoLogin

ecoLogin is an experience based alternate tourism service provider that offers activity filled tourism experience in interesting and offbeat locations in & around Tamilnadu. We provide completely guided tours and treks in & around Tamilnadu in barious themes ranging from Adventure & Jungle tourism to Heritage & socio cultural themes.

We are incubated in IIT-Madras in Department of Management Studies. This is a company founded by people from IIT and IIMA and run by professionals and in the process ensures complete delight along with safety and security in every trek and tour.

A key aspect of the ecoLogin experience is the involvement of local communities in service delivery which enriches the experience of the traveler and provides an alternate source of livelihood for the community.


Adventure Do you like the feel of adrenaline pumping through your veins?
Do you constantly yearn for adventure?
We have a solution for you. ecoLogin offers three levels of adventure. In the primary level, you get to trek hills ...more
City circuits The eternal city bird, are you?
Then explore the many hues of the city lights. Monuments, memorial sites, city squares, ports, theme parks, observatories and exhibitions – we promise you all this and more.
This theme includes places of ...more
Rural Tours Ride bullock carts,
plough paddy fields,
make clay pots and
lead the rustic life.
This one is for all you urban elite waiting to get a taste of the tradition and cultural practices of the countryside. ...more
Natural Hotspots Are you a nature lover?
Then this one is for you.
Soak in the fresh pools of the waterfalls, or in the salty waters of the estuaries and beaches. Lose yourself in the fossil forests and rediscover yourself in the ...more
BioDiversity Fancy yourself as the jungle boy Tarzan? Love the flora and fauna of the deep, dark jungles? Pick this theme and be transported to the dense forests where you are sure to spot birds and beasts roaming in the wilderness. ...more

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